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Sunday 3rd June 2018 Blubberhouses – Harrogate

As your bloggers were away sunning themselves in Majorca, the notes and photos from the walk today were gratefully received from Jean T and Dave Ty.

Jean handed out walk proposal forms for next year to potential leaders and it is due to the commitment of members that a varied programme of walks is produced each year.

The weather for today’s walk was sunny and warm and perfect for the 8.5 mile linear route led by Dave Ty.  There were 35 walkers and no non walkers.  The final stretch of the walk was through the lovely Valley Gardens in Harrogate where colourful rhododendrons were in full bloom.  Also seen was a peacock and shortly after, a pea hen – see gallery.

As many of our regular walkers weren’t able to attend this month and due to the walk being so enjoyable, Dave Ty was asked to repeat the walk on next year’s walk programme.


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